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Handcrafting delicious biltong since 2014

Traditional Biltong

 2 Star

Authentic looking mixed sized slices of air dried beef, with a good level of marbling. The texture was firm, delightfully chewy and juicy - a good mouth feel. There were strong beefy notes on the nose which followed through to the flavour and worked in harmony with the spices, vinegar and salt. The flavours were complex and well balanced.

Good sized pieces of beef that in the mouth, easily break down to give big juicy beefy flavours. The balance of sweetness and salt is well measured as is the tangy acidity of the vinegar. Each individual flavour is allowed to play its part, complementing yet never overpowering the authentic flavour emanating from what was clearly a good cut of meat. It looks and tastes like the real deal, a well-dried biltong, flaky as it is pulled apart but still managing to open up in the mouth for a juicy, surprisingly complex eating experience.

Biltong Great taste award 2 stars


 1 Star

What a truly wonderful aroma of sweet well seasoned beef. The flavours certainly deliver air dried beef, along with well balanced spicing. The beef has retained a wonderful natural fat content which not only brings flavour, but a very pleasing natural moisture.

Snack sized pieces of dark red beefy sausage with small pieces of creamy looking fat distributed evenly throughout. A tangy aroma translates through to the palate.

These sausages have a lively aroma. The meat is juicy / crumbly , surprisingly light and moreish and there is plenty of salt and spice. The spicing level is enough to add interest but not so much as to drown out the sweet, beefy flavours.

Great taste award 1 star dorewors

garlic biltong

1 Star


This biltong has a stunning colour and a beautiful aroma of beef, garlic and subtle spiciness and earthiness. It feels very moist to the touch and is generously portioned. The flavours are well balanced and fill the mouth with delicious earthy beefy notes whilst delivering a lingering punchy flavour.


An attractive looking biltong, evenly sliced. Generous sized pieces of meat which had a beautiful ruby-red colour. The garlic was well balanced with the meat and did not overpower. The fat had a very good flavour and moistness.

Biltong seasoning
great taste award garlic biltong
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